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The trashcan isn’t always trash


Hi Everyone,

There are times when I have a nice trashcan with a foot pedal and it works great for a while then BAM! the foot pedal wears out and breaks. Well that happened again. So being on a strict budget lately, I thought it was time for a trip to the hardware store. I purchased a generic handle and some locking nuts to keep the screws in place for about $3.00. Sweet relief, since another 30 liter kitchen stainless steel trashcan is about $70.

IMG_2864 (2)

It only took 5 minutes, a handle, 2 screws, 2 locking nuts and a drill.

A view from the bottom of the lid.


Happy DIY-ing!





Bathroom Sink Organization


Yard sales can often be places where you somehow find exactly what you need. For the past few months the area under my bathroom sink has been getting more and more cluttered. Then I find a few random yard sales this past Saturday to go to and WHAM! storage solution solved. This chrome/stainless steel 2 drawer system goes for $30-$40 and the wonderful lady who sold it to me wanted only $3. Did I mention how much I love yard sales? They have spoiled me. It’s so hard to shop in regular stores when I know eventually I can find something gently used on one of my Saturday yard sale excursions. This organization took only 20 minutes.

bathroom organizer

Unfortunately I do not have any before pictures, but just imagine a bathroom sink cabinet over filled and a HUGE pain to find anything. Now I can actually find what I need! It’s amazing.

Happy Yard Sale Hunting!


Wow! It’s been a year. Now back to yard sales and gardening!


Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe it but it has been a whole year since I posted! Time flies! School has kept me really busy and away from all the amazing yard sales and flea markets. Luckily, I had a chance this past weekend and found a few random pieces for my apartment. Yard sales are great places to find simple or, in this case, unique frames.

IMG_2789     mirror & frame

They are also good places to find handbags! This tote has been great for work and my internship. It has enough room for all the essentials plus a notebook, tablet and water for days out in the field.

IMG_2793 - edited

I also had the chance to pick up a few plants and seeds to begin my garden. Don’t let living in an apartment stop you! Just get a few boxes and mount them on either your balcony or, in my case, a small deck.

IMG_2801      IMG_2803


Happy Planting & Yard Sale Hunting!