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The trashcan isn’t always trash


Hi Everyone,

There are times when I have a nice trashcan with a foot pedal and it works great for a while then BAM! the foot pedal wears out and breaks. Well that happened again. So being on a strict budget lately, I thought it was time for a trip to the hardware store. I purchased a generic handle and some locking nuts to keep the screws in place for about $3.00. Sweet relief, since another 30 liter kitchen stainless steel trashcan is about $70.

IMG_2864 (2)

It only took 5 minutes, a handle, 2 screws, 2 locking nuts and a drill.

A view from the bottom of the lid.


Happy DIY-ing!





My little toaster


Have you ever watched old movies and swooned at the kitchenware or the home decor? Well that’s me – I love objects that have lasted the test of time and style well with contemporary design. I feel like products now do not last nearly as long as they did when my grandmom was raising my mother. So when I saw this beauty I had to have it. And of course I was torn because there was another toaster at the yardsale that was equally amazing. I decide on my little toaster because with its chrome and black accents it will ultimately match in any kitchen. Before I purchased it I tested it – and no it didn’t set anything on fire – it worked perfectly. I was lucky because the original electrical cord is in good shape – no fraying or exposed wire. The only thing it needs is a new cardboard cover for the plug (if you look closely, you can see the plug’s inside connections in this picture).

my little toaster

The best part is this toaster reminds me of one of my favorite childhood movies – the brave little toaster!

brave little toaster

Happy Thrifting!