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Sunday Morning Brunch


Weekends are the best for pancakes. Last weekend my family had a Valentine’s Day breakfast complete with some heart pancakes and bacon. They were really easy to make too. Just pour the pancake mix in a V shape, wait for the pancake to bubble and then flip. Salty and sweet make for a delicious breakfast! Thank you dad for teaching me how to make pancakes when I was little. 


My Grandmom’s Lamp


Hello Everyone,

Recently I went digging through my parents basement for lost treasures that my dad occasionally picks up from my grandmother’s house and found this beauty. I was told this was my grandmother’s and she used it until she bought a set of hurricane lamps. It is a bit banged up, missing a piece, should probably be rewired and has smoke stains but is still gorgeous. It looks like it is hand painted glass and may have used a standard lampshade. I am torn on what to do. Should this be rewired or kept in its original condition? And what lamp shade originally belonged to this type of lamp? I still have a lot of research to do, so in the meantime I will use this as a decorative piece. Any insight would be appreciated!


IMG_1755 (3) IMG_1769 (2)


A close up view of some of the stains, missing “scroll” element and frayed wire jacket.

IMG_1772 (3)


Happy Hunting!



My Summer Hiatus


I just wanted let everyone know the thrifting fun has not stopped. I have been working two jobs and haven’t had the time to post, so hopefully when the fall begins (along with classes) I will resume posting again. Have a great summer everyone!
Happy Thrifting!

Boots, Boots Everywhere!



Hooray for Marshall’s! Found these Jessica Simpson Kit Tall Wedge Leather Boots in Winter Gray for only $46! Okay so this is a little above my cheap budgeting tactics but I have been on the prowl for a wedge boot. Plus, look at these! I looked them up online and found the original MSRP is $198. That’s 75% off! My suggestion for anyone looking for boots right now is to go to Marshall’s. They have a boots clearance section!