Monthly Archives: January 2013

Boots, Boots Everywhere!



Hooray for Marshall’s! Found these Jessica Simpson Kit Tall Wedge Leather Boots in Winter Gray for only $46! Okay so this is a little above my cheap budgeting tactics but I have been on the prowl for a wedge boot. Plus, look at these! I looked them up online and found the original MSRP is $198. That’s 75% off! My suggestion for anyone looking for boots right now is to go to Marshall’s. They have a boots clearance section!




…and I’m back! Happy 2013!


Hooray! I have missed you tumblr and all your thrifting related goodness.  Next week I will be posting some finds and in the meantime I am working on a new project a tardis bookshelf! I know exciting!

I found a few people who already mastered creating one (, but does anyone have any specs or measurements? Or any tips?

Wish me luck!