Monthly Archives: January 2015

Another hiatus complete!


I know I am weeks late but Happy New Years to everyone! Between family visits, birthdays and traveling this winter break has been pretty busy. When I finally found some down time aka a stop along my ride back home, I took the chance to visit a Goodwill Outlet. Has anyone been to these? I had no idea what to expect walking into the massive warehouse with the signature blue and white Goodwill Outlet sign above the front entrance. It was quite the experience! Bins organized in rows full of clothing, homewares and toys with furniture along the walls. I saw a lucky fellow with a few nerf guns and ladies with carts full of clothing. And did I mention everything is cheap and by the pound?! I managed to find these cute lantern indoor/outdoor lights. They were in the original box and only cost me the change in my pocket ($0.50)!!! After all of the holiday debt, it’s nice to get something cute for a few quarters.


Happy Thrifting!