Bathroom Sink Organization


Yard sales can often be places where you somehow find exactly what you need. For the past few months the area under my bathroom sink has been getting more and more cluttered. Then I find a few random yard sales this past Saturday to go to and WHAM! storage solution solved. This chrome/stainless steel 2 drawer system goes for $30-$40 and the wonderful lady who sold it to me wanted only $3. Did I mention how much I love yard sales? They have spoiled me. It’s so hard to shop in regular stores when I know eventually I can find something gently used on one of my Saturday yard sale excursions. This organization took only 20 minutes.

bathroom organizer

Unfortunately I do not have any before pictures, but just imagine a bathroom sink cabinet over filled and a HUGE pain to find anything. Now I can actually find what I need! It’s amazing.

Happy Yard Sale Hunting!



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