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Seashells & Containers 


Sunday morning estate sales are the best. Some late morning casual browsing with no pressure from the early birds. Honestly I thought all the good stuff would be taken, but I got lucky and found some small items for $3. 

Can’t beat all the shells in this cute wicker container. Plus after making my hanging planters, I’ve been searching for a planter hanger bracket. The packaging is amazingly retro – I almost didn’t want to open it. 

My next project will be to fix the missing wooden veneer on the inlaid pearl box. Wish me luck!

Happy Hunting!



Estate Sales & Antique Love


This past Saturday I had a chance to go to a local estate sale. We arrived early and initially I was not impressed with the house. It was a nice standard rancher with no noticeable signs of vintage glory. When I walked in this house that all changed. The house was filled with high quality vintage goods that were too rich for my thrifty tendencies. I loved everything from the large gold ornate mirror to the solid cedar chest were hundreds of dollars, so I went for the small items. Nothing in this house was built using the cheap materials used in home goods today. I don’t even recall seeing any plastic in this home. Essentially, every nook and cranny was oozing style and quality. The homeowners were definitely travelers because the whole house had European style. The wonderful Persian rugs, solid hardwood furniture, 2 “king chairs”, a small vintage convention oven above the stove with all its wonderful knobs and a classy built in bar in the living room was more than enough for me to want to move in. (I know that’s a lot but I can’t help it – that house was just amazing. I wish I took pictures). Everything in this house was unique and made to last multiple lifetimes. In all, this was definitely a case where I failed on the whole notion of “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

So with my limited budget I did get one classic item.

A Fold-A-Fone Rotary Telephone $15

fold a fone

Happy Thrifting!