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Summer Love



What happens when you mix strawberry shortcake, a brownie, vanilla frozen yogurt and chocolate syrup? The perfect summer sugar overload! The strawberries were locally grown so they were delicious, but there was no way I could finish this monster by myself. That’s when the fiance comes in to the rescue. Thanks babe!

In general mixing desserts is always a good idea, especially when you use fruit in season from your local farmer’s stand. The fruit is just incredibly fresh and just thinking about this makes me want to go buy some more fruit!

And here is the recipe I used for my strawberry shortcake.

Strawberry Shortcake:

1 basket strawberries sliced
{about} 2-3 tablespoons of sugar (or until bitterness subsides)
1 package of strawberry shortcake shells

Happy Summer!



My little toaster


Have you ever watched old movies and swooned at the kitchenware or the home decor? Well that’s me – I love objects that have lasted the test of time and style well with contemporary design. I feel like products now do not last nearly as long as they did when my grandmom was raising my mother. So when I saw this beauty I had to have it. And of course I was torn because there was another toaster at the yardsale that was equally amazing. I decide on my little toaster because with its chrome and black accents it will ultimately match in any kitchen. Before I purchased it I tested it – and no it didn’t set anything on fire – it worked perfectly. I was lucky because the original electrical cord is in good shape – no fraying or exposed wire. The only thing it needs is a new cardboard cover for the plug (if you look closely, you can see the plug’s inside connections in this picture).

my little toaster

The best part is this toaster reminds me of one of my favorite childhood movies – the brave little toaster!

brave little toaster

Happy Thrifting!


Birdcages Part 2



small birdcage before


small birdcage

The power of one coat of paint! That’s why its always important to look at form over color. This small birdcage already looks much better and this is only after one coat of off white spray paint. I just need one more coating and it will be perfect.

Cost of project:

birdcage: $1

spray paint: free (extra paint from past project)

Happy Thrifting!


Lemons to Lemonade




AFTER {lemon juice}

lemonade 2

Some lemons, a few limes, water & sugar. So now I realize that I over did it with the lemon juice, but the smell of the lemons was delicious. We added a lot of water and some sugar to the lemon juice and it turned out pretty tasty. I finally got to put my juicer ( a 50 cent yardsale find)  and my thrifted Pyrex pitcher to good use. I am also super excited for my new plants to sprout! I was inspired by a few posts around the internet to plant some lemons, because the leaves give off a great lemon-y scent. We shall see if they sprout soon. Wish me luck!

This is the recipe we used:
{My lemon juice amount was higher than it called for and I added limes which made it really sour, so I needed to double the amount of water}

Happy Summer!

Estate Sales & Antique Love


This past Saturday I had a chance to go to a local estate sale. We arrived early and initially I was not impressed with the house. It was a nice standard rancher with no noticeable signs of vintage glory. When I walked in this house that all changed. The house was filled with high quality vintage goods that were too rich for my thrifty tendencies. I loved everything from the large gold ornate mirror to the solid cedar chest were hundreds of dollars, so I went for the small items. Nothing in this house was built using the cheap materials used in home goods today. I don’t even recall seeing any plastic in this home. Essentially, every nook and cranny was oozing style and quality. The homeowners were definitely travelers because the whole house had European style. The wonderful Persian rugs, solid hardwood furniture, 2 “king chairs”, a small vintage convention oven above the stove with all its wonderful knobs and a classy built in bar in the living room was more than enough for me to want to move in. (I know that’s a lot but I can’t help it – that house was just amazing. I wish I took pictures). Everything in this house was unique and made to last multiple lifetimes. In all, this was definitely a case where I failed on the whole notion of “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

So with my limited budget I did get one classic item.

A Fold-A-Fone Rotary Telephone $15

fold a fone

Happy Thrifting!

Birdcages & Juice


So I got lucky this past Saturday and only went to 2 yardsales until I found what I was looking for – a glass juicer! The best part was I have been saying for the past 2 weeks, “I am going to make lemonade, I just need a juicer” and then WHAM – juicer! Apparently it is the same one my grandmom had when my dad was a kid. I had a feeling I would find one too. Weird how that worked out.

When I walked up to the first yardsale of the morning I headed straight for them… 2 birdcages. The prices were very reasonable too. I paid only $11 for both of them. Now that they have been cleaned (the green one had dusty fake flowers in it), the plan is to paint the small pink one an off white color and wrap the larger one with small white Christmas lights. I like the non-traditional shape of the small pink birdcage, just not a fan of the bad paint job. If you look closely there are two green painted vines running up the sides of it. A big thank you to the random leftover spray paint I have lying around the house! After pictures coming soon.


Side Note: I couldn’t believe how much a distressed birdcage is going for online – from $35 to $100!

Total Savings:

glass juicer: $9 (est. online price) – $0.50(yardsale price) = $8.50

birdcages: $50 (est. online price) – $11(yardsale price) = $39

spray paint: free (already had at home)

Happy Thrifting!

Lamp Retrofit Part 2


lamp full final

So much better! Clean and working perfectly. The gold paint really shines through now.

Next To Do:

1. rewire
2. clean/wipe down lamp
3. find a lamp shade

So step 3 is half way there. I have this wonderful vintage glass clam lamp shade but my current light bulb socket cannot support the shade. It is similar to this picture I found online.

clam lamp shade

In the meantime I am working out a solution, because this lamp shade is perfect for this lamp. Any suggestions?

Have a great week!