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Transformation – odd birdcage to multiple planters


Hi Everyone – it’s been a while! Today I bring you a story of a birdcage. I found this funny shaped one at a garage sale a few years ago and in all that time I have tried to find a purpose for it. I tried storing books or having it as something pretty to look at above my kitchen cabinets. Nothing ever clicked. Then I really looked at the shape of this thing and thought “this would make great planters – I just need to break it apart”. So I did! and it’s got a purpose now.  It just needs some hanging planter liner and rope. I can’t wait to get some flowers in these beautiful planters and show you the final product! Cheers.   ~K


(Sorry for the crappy picture – overhead lighting is the worst)


Birdcages Part 2



small birdcage before


small birdcage

The power of one coat of paint! That’s why its always important to look at form over color. This small birdcage already looks much better and this is only after one coat of off white spray paint. I just need one more coating and it will be perfect.

Cost of project:

birdcage: $1

spray paint: free (extra paint from past project)

Happy Thrifting!