Birdcages & Juice


So I got lucky this past Saturday and only went to 2 yardsales until I found what I was looking for – a glass juicer! The best part was I have been saying for the past 2 weeks, “I am going to make lemonade, I just need a juicer” and then WHAM – juicer! Apparently it is the same one my grandmom had when my dad was a kid. I had a feeling I would find one too. Weird how that worked out.

When I walked up to the first yardsale of the morning I headed straight for them… 2 birdcages. The prices were very reasonable too. I paid only $11 for both of them. Now that they have been cleaned (the green one had dusty fake flowers in it), the plan is to paint the small pink one an off white color and wrap the larger one with small white Christmas lights. I like the non-traditional shape of the small pink birdcage, just not a fan of the bad paint job. If you look closely there are two green painted vines running up the sides of it. A big thank you to the random leftover spray paint I have lying around the house! After pictures coming soon.


Side Note: I couldn’t believe how much a distressed birdcage is going for online – from $35 to $100!

Total Savings:

glass juicer: $9 (est. online price) – $0.50(yardsale price) = $8.50

birdcages: $50 (est. online price) – $11(yardsale price) = $39

spray paint: free (already had at home)

Happy Thrifting!


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