Next Project: Sliding Bifold Door to Rustic Chic Mirror


So I finally finished finals (HOORAY!) and got a chance to go around to yard sales this morning. I had a feeling I would find a tall mirror and here it is (well sort of). It is a sturdy unfinished pine bifold mirrored door. In my rush to post I found this picture on another website for a similar product at $170! Mine looks about the same but the curved detail is also at the bottom of the frame and I only paid $10 (or $5 per mirror). The best part was they were raising money for breast cancer, so I had to buy more items (there will be more posts coming soon).

Here is my plan:
1. Separate the doors (unscrew the hinges) and remove the rest of the hardware
2. Paint the frame white and thin the paint with medium to have the wood grain show through OR paint white and distress it
3. And finally… Lean it against my wall of choice. Done!

Pretty sure I don’t need 2 of these so I will have to find another home for the second one.

Happy Saturday!


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